Topic:  Health Issues

Your Assignment:

You will write a 1-2 page report in the MLA style of writing.  The topic of your assignment will deal with some aspect of a Health Issue.  The list of possible topics was handed out to you by your PE teacher. Only one person per topic in each class.

Below is a breakdown of information that will be important to you.

Due Dates:




Class 1: 03/01  Class 1: 03/02  Introduce Reports and begin Research
Class 2: 03/03  Class 2: 03/06  Research, Note Taking, and Outline
Class 3: 03/07  Class 3: 03/08  Research, Note Taking, and Outline
Class 4: 03/09   Class 4: 03/13  Rough Draft finished and begin Report
Class 5: 03/14   Class 5: 03/15  Report Due at end of period